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Live Abundantly.  We are Wine Enthusiasts that have found a home with Direct Cellars to share our Passion for Fine Wine with others, and to make an amazing income by doing so.

Fine Wines are just a few clicks away!  Now you don’t even need to leave your home.  They come right to your door.  And you get the benefit of amazing Experiences each and every glass!  These are Fine Wines, Wine Cellar Ready and Worthy, yet at amazing Member Prices.  Enjoy the Best, and at Member Pricing.  The enjoyment this provides with each Meal, turning your Meal into an Event each and every time.
about uslive abundantly

Learn as you Gain Fine Experiences with Fine Wine:  With Every Shipment gain in knowledge about the different Fine Wines.  Learn where they come from, and what it pairs best with.  When you accompany Fine Wine with a food pairing, the Experience is worthy of Remembering.  The appreciation of Fine Wine only grows with each and every experience our Members have.  Be a part of this Experience, and see the Joy Fine Wine provides first hand.  Live Abundantly and Share in Fine Wine.

about usBe Able to Share And Participate in Financial Rewards:  Be able to refer and share the Direct Cellars Experience and Membership with others, and gain Free Wine and Huge Income Potentials.  Great for extra income, or to even create a replacement or “Lifestyle” Income.  This is a very well established Industry and the consumer offering by Direct Cellars is gaining by the day.  This is representing unseen growth and income for our Team.  Share the best method we have ever seen to give anyone willing to follow the proven methods we teach to Live Abundantly.

about usGrow a Business with a High Demand Product:  Wine has taken first place over Beer for Alcohol beverage consumed by the consumer in the US.  With the steady rise in popularity year by year, the Demand for Wine, and more importantly “Fine Wine” is on a steady rise.  With DTC (Direct to the Consumer) leading in a growing and preferred method by the Consumer.  (Details and Statistics listed below).  Become a 2 Bottle or 4 Bottle a Month Member, or Join our Team and Grow the Members as you Grow your Income.

Direct Cellars handles the call from wine novices to wine enthusiasts with unbelievable Customer Service and something that is priceless – a reach and selection of fine wines – and offering a new selection each and every month.

live abundantlyWhether you are one that enjoys Reds, Whites, or one that enjoys both (Or maybe the Misses likes the Whites, and you prefer the Reds) there is a solution for you here with Direct Cellars.

Whether you want to just enjoy the Fine Wines yourself, or be a part of our Vision of Sharing this with others, this Presentation will explain the simplicity:

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With access (some are exclusives) to the World’s Largest wine varieties, Direct Cellars is your solution and reward for your hard work in life.  Live Abundantly, and enjoy it one sip at a time.

live abundantlyHow about those romantic dinners, or classical music in the park outings?  Ever go up the Canyon to enjoy a campfire, some dark chocolate, and oh… some really good Merlot?  If you haven’t I highly recommend it.

Wine, considered the elixir of life by many, has been around for over 5000 years.  It has been around for over 5 Centuries, a literal gift from the Gods.  Used to celebrate and reflect on ones life, life achievements and special occasions.  With Direct Cellars, you will be looking for those moments, because you will have something that makes each moment remarkable… Fine Wine.

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Not to mention the elements of Romance and Worry-Free attitudes that come with a Glass of a Fine Wine.  It relaxes, soothes, and aides stress relief.  A Red Wine carries several health benefits.  From the ability to fight the damages of aging, and avoiding issues caused by our everyday stress.

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live abundantly

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Wine Consumption in the U.S.  (Showing Trends Prior to 2016).

These Trends are continuing to Steadily Rise.  With huge growth available in Direct To Consumers (DTC).

Year Total Wine per Resident 1 Total Wine Gallons Total Table Wine Gallons 2
2015 2.83 gals 913 million 779 million
2014 2.81 gals 886 million 769 million
2013 2.80 gals 879 million 763 million
2012 2.73 gals 872 million 759 million
2011 2.68 gals 844 million 728 million
2010 2.58 gals 800 million 694 million
2009 2.49 gals 798 million 702 million
2008 2.45 gals 761 million 665 million
2007 2.46 gals 754 million 658 million
2006 2.40 gals 723 million 632 million
2005 2.34 gals 692 million 607 million
2004 2.26 gals 663 million 583 million
2003 2.20 gals 634 million 563 million
2002 2.14 gals 594 million 529 million
2001 2.01 gals 574 million 512 million
2000 2.01 gals 568 million 507 million
1999 2.02 gals 543 million 475 million
1998 1.95 gals 526 million 466 million
1997 1.94 gals 519 million 461 million
1996 1.89 gals 500 million 439 million
1995 1.77 gals 464 million 404 million
1994 1.77 gals 459 million 395 million
1993 1.74 gals 449 million 381 million
1992 1.87 gals 476 million 405 million
1991 1.85 gals 466 million 394 million
1990 2.05 gals 509 million 423 million
1989 2.11 gals 524 million 432 million
1988 2.24 gals 551 million 457 million
1987 2.39 gals 581 million 481 million
1986 2.43 gals 587 million 487 million
1985 2.43 gals 580 million 478 million
1984 2.34 gals 555 million 401 million
1983 2.25 gals 528 million 402 million
1982 2.22 gals 514 million 397 million
1981 2.20 gals 506 million 387 million
1980 2.11 gals 480 million 360 million
1979 1.98 gals 444 million 325 million
1978 1.96 gals 435 million 305 million
1977 1.82 gals 401 million 262 million
1976 1.73 gals 376 million 228 million
1975 1.71 gals 368 million 209 million
1974 1.64 gals 349 million 192 million
1973 1.64 gals 347 million 185 million
1972 1.61 gals 337 million 170 million
1971 1.48 gals 305 million 155 million
1970 1.31 gals 267 million 133 million
1969 1.17 gals 236 million 112 million
1968 1.07 gals 214 million 96 million
1967 1.03 gals 203 million 88 million
1966 0.98 gals 191 million 79 million
1965 0.98 gals 190 million 74 million
1964 0.97 gals 186 million 70 million
1963 0.93 gals 176 million 64 million
1962 0.90 gals 168 million 60 million
1961 0.94 gals 172 million 57 million
1960 0.91 gals 163 million 53 million
1959 0.89 gals 156 million 48 million
1958 0.89 gals 155 million 47 million
1957 0.89 gals 152 million 45 million
1956 0.90 gals 150 million 45 million
1955 0.88 gals 145 million 43 million
1954 0.88 gals 142 million 42 million
1953 0.89 gals 141 million 40 million
1952 0.88 gals 138 million 38 million
1951 0.83 gals 127 million 36 million
1950 0.93 gals 140 million 36 million
1949 0.89 gals 133 million 32 million
1948 0.84 gals 122 million 28 million
1947 0.67 gals 97 million 23 million
1946 1.00 gals 140 million 37 million
1945 0.71 gals 94 million 27 million
1944 0.74 gals 99 million 36 million
1943 0.73 gals 98 million 38 million
1942 0.84 gals 113 million 32 million
1941 0.76 gals 101 million 29 million
1940 0.68 gals 90 million 27 million
1939 0.59 gals 77 million n/a
1938 0.52 gals 67 million n/a
1937 0.52 gals 67 million n/a
1936 0.47 gals 60 million n/a
1935 0.36 gals 46 million n/a
1934 0.26 gals 33 million n/a

live abundantly

Source: Wine Institute, DOC, BW166/Gomberg, Fredrikson & Associates estimates. Preliminary. History revised.
1 Based on all wine types including sparkling wine, dessert wine, vermouth, other special natural and table wine, using Bureau of the Census resident population. Per capita consumption will be higher if based on legal drinking age population.
2 Includes all still wines not over 14% alcohol, excluding cider.

Revised on Jul 8, 2016

Statistics for the US Wine Industry in 2015

  • Revenues for US Wine Sales = $38 billion, a 1.3% increase from 2014 (Gord0n, 2016)
  • Number of Outlets in the US selling wine = 545,907 (Brager, 2016)
  • Total cases shipped: estimated 323 million, a .07% increase from 2014 (Impact Databank, 2016)
  • Percentage from California = 60%
  • The Percentage from Other States = 9%
  • Percentage from Imports: 31%, (21 million cases in bulk)
  • Reportedly:  The US continues to be the largest wine consuming nation since 2010 (Wine Institute, 2015)
  • 2015 is the 23nd consecutive year of grown for US wine sales 

The Facts Show that the Demand and Direction of Fine Wine is Increasing.  So is your ability to Live Abundantly working with our Team.

Direct to Consumer Shipping (DTC/Ecommerce) – online wine sales and shipping direct to consumer was a bright spot in 2015. According to ShipCompliant (2016), revenues hit $2 billion, an increase of 8.1% from 2014 with 4.2 million cases shipped. Only 1 to 1.5% of total wine sales volume in the US, DTC is doing well and expected to increase over the next few years. Average bottle price was again $38, and wineries can now ship directly to 43 states (Fredrikson, 2016).

Premiumization Continues:   The number of consumers willing to try a more premium product and pay more for it, or “premiumization” is expected to continue to rise.  This is reflected in consumers paying more for wine.

Reference:  foodandwine.com/articles/robert-parker-on-wine-trends-wine-is-now-number-one

Robert Parker States:

I never thought I’d see the day when Americans would choose wine over beer, and red wine over white, but there are a variety of reasons for the increased popularity of wine, including a more democratic approach to the beverage from its snobbish, rather elitist roots, as well as all the medical good news about the healthy aspects of red-wine consumption that have been published in the past several years. That wonderful antioxidant component found in red wine’s tannin, resveratrol, is getting more and more play in medical circles as a valuable source of good health.

I am no doctor, but the idea of drinking several glasses of wine over a leisurely meal must certainly have a positive effect on one’s mental and physical state, just by virtue of the fact that it is civilized, relaxing and fun. Perhaps the most shocking development, in addition to wine replacing beer as America’s favorite beverage, is that red wine has outpaced white wine.

It makes clear and tasteful sense!  Simply Join Here and get Started.